Call us for package sampling and prototyping consultation. Our engineering staff will assess the needs of your particular product packaging project. We accept sample parts and consumer goods which we design around. Shock and vibrations tests using accelerometers at critical points on the package are used to ensure that your products can withstand the stresses of shipping from the warehouse to the end user. Although our work is designed in AutoCAD, we can translate any file type sent to us from your existing design software.


  • Accepted Design Software Formats
    Autodesk Inventor
  • Package Design Considerations
    Package Purpose:

    Disposable, One-Way Shipping
    Sustainable, Reusable Packaging

    Minimalist approach to packaging material consumption
    Moisture Resistance
    Electrostatic Shielding
    Reduction of overall foam content
    Environmentally friendly use of recycled materials (paperboard, corrugated, foams)
  • Consumer Product Testing Services Available
    Compression Testing (Warehouse Stacking)
    Corrugated Burst Test
    Corrugated Edge Crush Test
    Drop Testing
    Incline Impact Testing
    Random Vibration Testing (Transit Simulation)
    Shock Testing (Impact Handling)
  • Medical Packaging Testing
    ASTM 2096 - Gross Leak Test
    ASTM D774 Mullen Burst Test
    ASTM F1929 - Dye Penetration Test
  • Packaging Material and Design Compliance
    Industry Mil-Spec Class
    MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate) Electronic Packaging Standard
    UL Program Standards
    UN Medical ISTA/ASTM Distribution Testing Standards